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quiescent adj
1 not active or activated; "the quiescent level of centimeter wave-length solar radiation"
2 marked by a state of tranquil repose; "the quiescent melancholy of the town"
3 being quiet or still or inactive
4 causing no symptoms; "a quiescent tumor"

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  • /ˈkwɪi.ɛsn̩t/ a UK


  1. Inactive, at rest, quiet.
    The bats were quiescent at that time of day, so we slowly entered the cave.



Inactive, at rest, quiet

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Quiescence (kwē-ĕs-ənts) is a Latin-derived English language noun referring to a state of being quiet, still, at rest, dormant, inactive. Its adjectival form is quiescent, for example "a quiescent mind."
Quiescence may refer to:
  • The G0 phase of a cell in the cell cycle; quiescence is the state of a cell when it is not dividing
  • In behavioral neuroscience, quiescence refers to a behavior where an animal is vigilant but relaxed and immobile. This may be related to a recuperative response after an encounter with a predator
  • An electronic amplifier or filter is said to be in a quiescent state when no signal is applied to its input
  • A quiescent prominence is a long, sheet-like prominence of relatively cool solar material that hangs nearly vertically to the Sun's surface for days or months
  • In biogas-diesel engine research, quiescence is the term used to describe the phenomenon where the combustion cools down quickly preventing the fuel from burning completely and resulting in high amounts of unburned hydrocarbons

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